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This comes amidst heated exchanges between the two factions as to why content from Nigeria and Tanzania was ruling the airwaves

Musicians and TV and radio presenters’ beef which was started by Khaligraph Jones has now turned ugly as some people have started taking things too personal. Khaligraph started the beef by mocking presenters with a free trip to Nigeria while protesting the influx of Nigerian music in the Kenyan airwaves. Several musicians have come out to support Khaligraph’s demand for Kenyan content to be given priority when it comes to airplay. Jalang’o has been the face of TV and radio presenters in this tug of war, he has been defending fellow presenters against claims that they favor foreign content over Kenyan music. Deaf and dump to Kenyan talent Victoria Kimani has also come out to support calls for Kenyan music to be given 100% airplay. She says that she has been advocating for the same for the past five years but no one listened to her. She also said that Jalang’o and people who thinking along the same lines as him are ignorant. Victoria further says the Jalangos are deaf and dump to Kenyan talent.    

It has been three days of intense fighting on social media as Kenyan musicians took on TV and radio presenters whom they accuse playing foreign content at the expensive of local music. It all started when Khaligraph Jones mocked presenters by offering to fly them to Nigeria, he was protesting the influx of Nigerian music in Kenyan airwaves. View this post on Instagram I am planning on Bringing at least 10 big Kenyan media personalities/Radio presenters to Nigeria for a 10 day trip which I myself shall cater for,I want to see if some of y’all will be recognized by your Nigerian fans or if you even have fans at all here, it would be very sad if you don’t though 😂😂 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 #respecttheogs A post shared by Khaligraph jones (@khaligraph_jones) on Jan 6, 2019 at 1:44am PST Meeting Jalang’o has decided to calm the tensions by organizing a meeting between the two warring parties. He has been the face of presenters in the war of words with musicians. The Milele FM presenter says that President Uhuru’s niece Nana Gecaga has agreed to host presenters, Djs and artistes at KICC to find a solution the the problem bedeviling Kenyan music. “Welcome back @khaligraph_jones and thanks for starting this debate! Meanwhile am here still taking the heat…it’s been too hot for me but you know me I stand for my word and I’ll take the heat until we all agree and finally play Kenya Music 100 % , as we speak we are already organising a meeting between Djs, presenters and Artists and the music research teams from different media houses and thank to @nanawanjikugecaga she has agreed to host us at KICC,” Jalang’o announced. 100% airplay, in your dreams Most Kenyan musicians want local music to be given 100% airplay on... Continue Reading

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