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As Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos part ways due to the former's reported affair, here's how you can know if your partner is cheating on you? Scroll down for the details.

The Amazon CEO is said to have got to know the trained helicopter pilot through Whitesell, an agent to stars such as Matt Damon and Christian Bale.

Even juicy divorce speculation represents a chance to acknowledge how myriad factors—and people—contribute to the success of a company like Amazon.

Many who are not as well off as the world's richest couple have huge financial burdens when they divorce -- from the cost of setting up a new household to expensive legal fees. The solution, Philip Cohen proposes, is higher taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

A Painful Lesson from the Jeff Bezos Divorce - Michael Brown: This is not a slam on Jeff Bezos, either explicitly .01/12/2019 1:40:34AM EST.